Electronic pay slips distribution by e-mail

We have prepared a new module that automatically distributes pay slips to the employees' e-mail addresses. The pay slips are sent in *.pdf format (or in another arranged format). At the time being, the new module is ready to be installed at the users of Target 2100 system. The only what you have to do to send pay slips by e-mail is to input the e-mail addresses of the employees to the Target 2100 system. Afterwards, the new service is ready to function.

The module can work even without Target 2100, e.g. with wages software made by another producer. The only condition is that the wages software is able to provide data from payroll calculation to our distribution module (in any common format).

In case you are interested in our module for electronic pay slips distribution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you price and technical information.


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