System Benefits for User

Implementation of the system aims to adapt Target 2100 in order to satisfy, as far as possible, your usage, requirements and familiar processes.

One of the fundamental principles of the company M-PRO Ltd. is:

We are the authors of the system, we manage its adaptation, and we are not afraid of complicated technological solutions. The system is ready for such adaptations, and customization is a component of almost every implementation of the system.

While implementing the system Target 2100 we are lead to the following goals:

Wages processing

Personnel and organizational divisions

Important notice: Our willingness to adapt Target 2100 does not imply we can remake our system into a different one, thus we cannot adjust Target 2100 so that it would fairly resemble a system you were eventually used to (screen forms, buttons, operational patterns).

That is not the purpose. Target 2100 should process in an automatic way all functions required by our client with instruments of its own. That is the purpose.


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